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Web Designers and Developers Who Think Big Picture 

In today’s world of digital marketing, having effective website design and web development are imperative if you are to be successful with your business website. As as website agency, we understand the importance of ensuring the optimal performance of your site on both the front end (what people see and how your website is designed) and back end (what keeps your site running effectively, aka how it is developed).

We use a variety of systems to ensure your website is designed and developed well. We use systems like WordPress, Shopify, and Magento to aid in e-commerce website building and design. Other platforms, such as Drupal and Joomla, are used to manage your business’ website content behind the scenes!

What is the Difference Between a Web Designer and Developer? 

What Does a Web Designer Do?

 Your home page is one of the most viewed pages on your website because it is the first thing people will see upon arriving. So, an effective home page design is incredibly important. A web designer specializes in making every page of your website not only attractive, but effective as well! A good designer will help lead potential clients and customers right to a sale through web graphics, easy navigation, and an organized template.

The design of any website will start off with a simple wireframe, but from there, design templates are forged to add a beautiful and unique style to your home page and overall website design.

Among many other tasks, web designers often also take on the task of ads creation so that each advertisement can emanate the same style as the rest of your business’ website.


What Does a Web Developer Do?

Web developers work in a different way than designers to make your website effective. Developers often have a part in making sure many designs work. They use web coding, website security, plugin development, and more to ensure your website runs efficiently. Developers can create plugins and custom integrations to help a site run smoothly, while also potentially adding several unique elements to your website.

Web developers do more than just working on the web coding for the function of the website, though. They also ensure that search engines see your website via schema markup and other methods. This way, whenever a potential client or customer searches up a keyword, you’re right at the top!

While designers may lead people to a sale, developers make sure people can take their items from the shopping cart to checkout without experiencing technical difficulties.

Web Design Services and Content Planning

As a web design agency, we understand that there’s a whole lot behind the creation of a website. The entire architecture of a website relies on not only design and development, but written content as well. This content is gathered through copy writing, in which a content writer brings together any necessary information in an interesting and cohesive way.

A big part of content planning is not only formulating website architecture and creating written content for each page, but also writing up some of the less advertised copy, such as privacy statements, terms of service, etc.

How Much Does a Website Cost? 

When it comes to the pricing of your website, a lot of it depends upon what you need for your business! The website design cost may change depending on how intricate you wish your designs to be. This can also affect your website’s cost per page (especially if you want to have a lot of pages). At Insync Media Co, we deliver and exceptional product at an affordable price. 

Website Maintenance and Upkeep

Once your website is finished, it will need to be maintained. Keeping your website updated is important, both for search engine visibility and to prevent its potential aging and breaking (in which case, website repair may take some extra effort). Some of the best practices when it comes to maintaining your website include updating it in accordance with Google webmaster guidelines, which change regularly, and periodically auditing the website to identify any elements affecting your search engine visibility. 

However, and while maintaining search engine authority is important, you must also constantly monitor your website against hacking. Hack removal can be an extensive process requiring a lot of website repair, especially against attacks such as brute force attacks and DOS attacks.

Website Hosting Services

Maintaining a website on your own can be challenging, which is why we offer web hosting services! Using our hosting, we monitor your website’s site speed and CDN delivery among other things. Our web hosting also provides backups in case you are hacked or lose any information.

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