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If you’re looking for a top-notch digital marketing company, you’re in the right place! Our marketing firm specializes in digital marketing for local businesses and smaller companies on national scales.

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What is Digital Marketing?  

The concept of digital marketing envelops several practices, skill sets, and professions. Online marketing companies should understand each element of digital marketing, unless they only specialize in one skill set. Keep in mind that teaming with several separate marketing companies usually gets much more expensive than using just one team that collectively understands most, if not all, elements of marketing.

By working with a successful digital marketing agency, you will see strong overall website optimization. This includes user experience design and development, search engine optimization (aka how visible your website is on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing), efficient site speed management, and more.

Digital marketing also includes digital advertising, content marketing, and inbound marketing — all of which generate new leads and sales.

Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Successful SEO practices ensure you will see an increase in ranking on search engines. The goal is to come up at the top of the search page whenever someone searches a keyword or phrase associated with your business.

Effective SEO involves local marketing (aka local SEO), which can help your business efficiently promote your services or products online. As a digital marketing agency, we will increase your SEO search rankings by utilizing Google My Business (GMB), local marketing, search positioning, keyword searches, and more.

Advertising Agency

 As a digital advertising company, we implement the best practices for your local advertising campaign. For example, many local marketing campaigns use display advertising to showcase their product or service online. This includes things like video ads and banner ads on websites, digital radio marketing, or tv pre-roll videos, which appear before another video plays.

 Website Audits and Content Marketing

The results of your technical website audit depend on potential SSL errors, load time speeds (which can be determined via a website speed test), and effective key wording, among other elements.

You must make several different checks on your business’ website to ensure that search engines and search engine bots consider it trustworthy. Other than the website audit and website speed test, you should manually check the Google Search Console to determine your website’s indexing status. It is also a good idea to do a blacklist check so you know whether or not your site is viewed as a spammer and how to fix it.

Finally, content optimization may be accomplished through specific key wording and efficient meta data copy. A professional blog writer or SEO copywriter will know how to implement this successfully so you can achieve the most effective content marketing strategy for your business.

Public Relations Outreach Campaigns

Formulate a public relations outreach campaign with us and experience an incredibly effective marketing campaign based on how your business is influencing your community. By focusing on community influence, you will build brand awareness surrounding your company.

Efficient brand strategy and brand building helps convince your audience to support your business, whether they are local to you or outside your usual area of influence. This support can take place via the promotion of your ideas and positions as well as the actual purchasing of your product or service. By creating brand awareness with an outreach campaign, your audience will learn to recognize you and your accomplishments, therefore building trust with you as a company.

Marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy is vital for any business, whether you are an established business or a startup. Marketing for startups is incredibly important so your audience can find you to purchase your products or services. However, it is equally important for an established company to have a marketing game plan for things like new product launches, determining market positioning, or changes and additions to your services. Luckily, Insync Media Co marketing strategy development practices can help you be successful with your new business, product, or service.

eCommerce Marketing

As an ecommerce marketing agency, we understand all the complexities that come with building and advertising for an ecommerce website. Even better, we know the best ways to implement your ecommerce marketing campaign! While building your website with platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce is the first step, marketing for your online store is a necessary second step. This can be done through the Google shopping network and programatic advertising campaigns, among other practices.

Whether you’re looking for shopping network ads or Google ads for your products, Google ads compliance issues may arise. Luckily, as an ecommerce marketing agency, we know how to best work through those issues for you!

Marketing Consultants

Insync Media marketing consultants will effectively work out a marketing strategy perfect for your business and goals. Whether you’re searching for a social marketing strategy, event marketing, or simply trying to accomplish effective local targeting, we’ve got your back!

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